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Trendz Guruji

In the modern day online world, understanding the numbers and info about a website is awesome and essential for each company. Take Trendz Guruji, for example—it is an internet site all about Computers, Electronics, and Technology, talking on File Sharing and Hosting. Let’s break it down and take a look at such things as how many people visit, how engaged they’re, who’s checking it out, who else is in the game, and what sort of tech makes it tick. Cool, right?

Traffic and Engagement Overview: A Closer Look

Global and Country Rankings: According to Similarweb, trendzguruji.Me Cyber holds a international rank of #408,796 and a rustic rank of #26,599 in India. The site falls below the category of Computers Electronics and Technology File Sharing and Hosting, in which it holds the #459 rank in India.

  • Traffic Metrics:
  • Total Visits: 35.5K
  • Bounce Rate: 79.84%
  • Pages according to Visit: 1.37
  • Avg Visit Duration: 00:00:19

Comparing those metrics to the previous month, the website online has experienced a massive 91.69% lower in general visits. An excessive leap price and short common go-to period indicate ability challenges in shooting and maintaining traveler hobbies.

Get to Know the Company: A Quick Look on the Business

Unfortunately, special information about the business enterprise behind Trendz Guruji, consisting of the 12 months of basis, worker be counted, headquarters, annual sales, and industry is currently unavailable. Understanding those details ought to provide treasured context to the internet site’s performance and objectives.

Who’s Out There: Finding Friends and Competitors within the Same Game

  • Website Ranking Trends: Over the final three months, it has seen an incredible rise in worldwide rating, shifting from sixty-one,981 to 408,796. However, the website faces stiff competition from similar systems, including filmyfly.Org, and kickass.Onl, and free magazines.Pinnacle, among others.
  • Traffic Sources and Keywords:Direct traffic constitutes a hundred% of computer visits, whilst Display bills for zero%. The maximum massive visitors source is organic search, though its percentage isn’t always specific. Unfortunately, detailed keyword statistics isn’t always to be had, restricting our expertise of the web page’s organic seek method.

Audience Demographics: Who Visits trendzguruji.Me?

  • Geographic Distribution:India is the primary supply of site visitors for it, contributing one hundred% of computer visits within the last month. This underscores the platform’s local popularity.
  • Audience Composition:Details regarding the age and gender distribution of Trendz Guruji’s target audience are presently unavailable. Such insights could be valuable for tailoring content material and functions to the specific alternatives of the target demographic.
  • Competitors and Similar Sites: Benchmarking against the Best

Identifying competitors is critical for strategizing growth and development. Cryptonewzhub.Com emerges as the pinnacle competitor with a similarity rating of 100%, followed by using aiotechnical.Com and bloggingvector.Com.


Trendz Guruji is doing pretty nicely globally, but there are a pair of things to consider. The number of humans finding out the web page has gone down, and quite a few folks are leaving the website quite quickly. That’s no longer awesome for preserving human interest.

To restore this, they may strive out a few new approaches to get the word out approximately the web page. Finding out more about the people who go to and checking out what different comparable web sites are up to would possibly assist in determining what people like.

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