Gift Nifty Live

Gift Nifty Live

In the world of economic markets, innovation often paves the way for new opportunities and paths for buyers and investors. One such innovation that has gained interest in recent years is Gift Nifty. Gift Nifty, an acronym for Gujarat International Finance Tec-City Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Nifty, represents a completely unique initiative in the Indian monetary landscape, offering a platform for trading Nifty derivatives in the framework of the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City).

As India’s first International Financial Services Centre (IFSC), GIFT City aims to establish a world-class monetary hub, attracting both home and worldwide buyers with its conducive regulatory environment and current infrastructure. Gift Nifty emerges as a key element of this vision, facilitating derivatives trading in one of India’s most outstanding market indices, the Nifty, in the IFSC framework.

What is GIFT Nifty?

Gift Nifty is a new derivatives index launched on July 3, 2023, by the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) in its International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) at GIFT City, Gujarat.

 It is the futures / derivative product of the underlying NSE Nifty index. It lets FIIs and different individuals spend money on Nifty Futures. All US greenback denominated Nifty derivatives contracts can be exclusively traded on NSE IFSC.

How does Gift Nifty Live work?

By monitoring GIFT Nifty live, we are able to predict the initial path of the Indian Stock market. The GIFT Nifty stays active for around 21 hours and is open on Indian public holidays so it may efficiently track the possible movement of Indian markets.

It moves according to Indian Nifty and consequently can be used as a device to anticipate the Indian market giving the right direction to the Indian market.

Moreover, each India and Singapore fall in the same continent, which correlates both the markets and one most often decides the feelings of the opposite market. This also makes it easy for Indian advisory and economic establishments to present trading tips on Nifty before establishing.

Gift Nifty and SGX Nifty Timings?

Timing Gift Nifty

GIFT Nifty timings are vital to their alignment with world markets and their impact on market contributors. This follows the normal trading hours of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in India, from 9:15 am to 5:30 pm Indian Standard Time (IST). This time balance the index with the market and give real time prices to investors. On the other hand, the Singapore Exchange (SGX) operates at specific times.

This prolonged trading window allows members from numerous time zones to get access to and trade SGX Nifty contracts, making it famous among world investors looking to gain exposure to Indian equities.

The exclusive trading timings of both indices have certain implications. Firstly, it allows investors to exploit arbitrage opportunities between the 2 markets by leveraging charge discrepancies at some point of overlapping trading hours.

Why is SGX Nifty being shifted to GIFT Nifty?

Transferring the SGX Nifty to GIFT Nifty will assist convey a larger liquidity pool to the Indian markets. This will create a new course for world traders to take part in India’s increasing tale.

The flow could help attract overseas buyers to India, particularly GIFT City, in preference to trading numbers getting migrated to a foreign country. Investors can be interested in GIFT City because it offers a top-notch infrastructure with nearly 0 taxes, bringing capital inflows and boosting interest in GIFT City.

How will GIFT Nifty be traded?

According to NSE IX, any trading member of Indian or overseas registered or non-registered putting in place its workplace through a subsidiary or branch version can trade in the GIFT Nifty merchandise by getting a club of NSE IX. Currently, there are more than 50 agents that have set up devices in the GIFT town. These trading members are permitted to execute an exchange on their debts and the account of their clients.

However, under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS), the GIFT Nifty will stay out of reach for Indian retail buyers. The RBI disallows the use of $2,50,000 per individual per year for leveraged traders, such as futures and options, as per LRS.

What is GIFT Connect?

GIFT Connect

GIFT Connect gives greenback-denominated GIFT Nifty and different Nifty contracts on NSE IFSC. Apart from GIFT Nifty, the derivatives contracts for GIFT Nifty Bank, GIFT Nifty Financial Services, and GIFT Nifty IT are also available, with different indices regularly rolling out.

How was GIFT Connect Formed?

NSE and SGX were in a feud In February 2018 as Indian bourses had decided to give data or licensing their indices to overseas exchanges. At the same time, SGX introduced single-inventory futures contracts for Nifty 50 components.


t-weight: 400;”>The Gift Nifty Live Index is poised to play a great role in the worldwide funding panorama. As India’s economy continues to grow and appeal to world interest, the index will in all likelihood see expanded participation from worldwide investors. Additionally, ongoing improvements in economic technology and regulatory frameworks might also improve the accessibility and efficiency of trading the Gift Nifty Index.

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