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Home Depot is a company for rebuilding and upgrading  your home. It includes appliances, indoor gates, furniture, plants etc. with home depot there is no need to go through various websites or stores you can purchase any appliances or home construction supplies from it. You can pick products in both online and offline mode. Just one click you can order online from nearby stores and also you can purchase all stuff from offline stores. It covers 2300 stores in the US, Canada and mexico. Home depot is for Country which follows DIV culture. To learn more about home depot, what is it? What is its features, what is credit card, what is home depot hours and etc go through this page.

What is Home depot?

Home Depot is a public company and deals with home upgradation and construction supplys. It is an american MNC. it also includes selling tools, appliances, fuel and transportation rentals. It has 2,300 and more stores in across the world. Foundation  was laid in 1978. In 2021 company was generating more than $151 billion revenue. Home Depot provides employment to nearly 475000 workers. Home depot’s headquarter is In atlanta, georgia. Artur Blank, Ron brill, pat farrah and bernerd markus are founder. It handles various big box format stores over U.S. It also owns 10 departments of canada and all 32 mexican states. The famous MRO company brand is also operated with 70 distribution centers over U.S. home depot hours are 8 a.m to 8 p.m on monday. On Saturday it will be open from 9am to 6pm. On Sunday hours are 12 pm to 6 pm.

Company kind  Public 
Headquarters  Unincorporated Cobb county, Georgia, U.S. 
Products  Home appliances, hardware, home decor, furniture etc.
Revenue  $152.7 billion 
Website  www.homedepot.com 
Assets  $76.53 billion
No. of employees  463100

Here Are 5 Years Revenue of Home Depot Inc. Including 2024.

Year  Revenue 
2019 $110.93 B
2020 $125.63 B
2021 $147.69 B
2022 $157.29 B
2023 $153.71 B
2024 $1526.66 B(TTM)


home depot Credit Card

Home Depot offers various features. These extraordinary features are given below-

  • Buy online – pickup in instore- any person can nearly order anything online from small washers to particular screws, plants, holiday ornaments etc. your pickup will be ready in few hours. No more worrying about hardware because  with a single click you can get it. Home Depot has been in tune with their customers. They offers contractor’s name to pick up your item. You have full control of buying what you desire at price you want and leave your contractor to deal with heavy weight lifting.
  • Wifi for all- home depot offers wifi in all of their locations . connect wifi and it is also cost free. Sometimes people’s los service in big box stores and want to check something on their phone only to realize service back where you are is not working so now you are helpless.
  • Start online – find in store: between passage going horizontally and vertically with banners drape from rafters, maybe you lost the path but is for you. You can look for your desired product on line and on your phone also together with location service. 

Home Depot Credit Card

Home depot credit card offers customers with everyday special monetary and longer term monetary facilities. It is a good choice for everyday needs like appliances such as lights, fans etc. home depot credit card’s limit is up to $300 millions .For increase your purchasing power for day to day purchase . It provides 6 month financing on your purchase of $299 or more.  

If you also want to apply for a  credit card then documents like employment status, annual gross income certificate and more. You can apply for  it online and offline both. For offline procedures go to any location. If you want to go for an online procedure then it is very simple just go on official website and click on apply for home depot credit card option and follow procedure. 


Ques. How many home depot stores are in the world? Which state has more home depots stores?

Ans. It contains more than 2300 stores all over the world. California has 233 stores of home depot available.

Ques. Which bank issued a home depot credit card? What is limit for a home depot credit card?

Ans. Citibank issues credit card. Home depot’s credit card limit is up to $55000 for those who qualify. 

Ques. Does India have a home depot store?

Ans. No, India does not belong to diy culture. That is why dont work in india.


Home Depot is a public company. It mainly operates as a provider of all home upgradation needs such as appliances, bathroom decorating ideas, kitchen remodeling and etc. to style your house and give it a fresh look then need to go through various destinations just go for home depot. It provides employment to 463100 people. In 2023 it covers revenue 15270 crores USD. On 31 May Home Depot’s stock price was noted as $334.87. 

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