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Yoswin is a fun application. You have the ability to make an infinite amount of real money to fund a bank account. It will award you with a sign-up bonus of Rs. 151, allowing you to practice the game and win real money in the practice round. You must deposit money at least once in order to withdraw it; just deposit, play some games, and then withdraw the money to your bank. Similar to the Firewin, Vclub, and Wclub applications, the only difference is that you don’t have to guess the colors.

Yoswin has a great feature that allows you to earn real money without having to play any games: send your friends and family your referral code, B4AZ7J. If they sign up using it, they will receive a sign-up bonus of Rs. 151, and you will receive Rs. 25 after they complete their first deposit. In this way, you can earn money by referring friends.

Yoswin Highlight

App NameYoswin
App CategoryEarning App
App GamesAndhar Bahar, Spin Wheel, Cresh, Mine, etc.
Invite CodeHE9BKL
Real or FakeLikely Fake

Yoswin Overview

Yoswin is a gaming platform where you can play without having to download any apps. You can also start earning money by guessing how much the crash game will rise in the sky. If you forecast the crash game correctly, you will receive real money for each correct answer. Increase your game play to earn more real money, as well as by earning through friends.

Yoswin App Popular Games Available

It is an app that lets you play different games and earn rewards. The games that are available are listed below.

  • Wheel: Yoswin game, you may select from a variety of colors, numbers, or symbols to win based on the odds. 
  • Parity: In this game, you can bet on whether the subsequent number generated by a random process will be odd or even.
  • Minesweeper: To earn money and other rewards, you have to find every hidden mine on a grid.
  • Crash: The multiplier of a rising curve is the wagering option in Crash. You can start betting as soon as the curve begins to rise and stop betting whenever you choose before the curve falls. 

How to download Yoswin App?

Follow the given below step, inorder to download the app in your phone:-

  • In order to begin, you must first visit official website and log in.
  • The app may then be downloaded by clicking on My below and selecting App Download, or you can click the download button above to start the app.
  • After clicking the download button, App may be downloaded.
  • You must then install and launch the application after that.
  • With your cell number and password, you may now access the game by login into the app.

Yoswin Process to Register

In order to register into the account, follow the given below step are:-

  • You must register on the website in order to play.
  • Click “Register” to choose.
  • Click the OTP after providing your cell phone number.
  • Enter OTP in place of the verification code. Next, type in and validate your mobile number.
  • Enter the 6-23 password and make sure it is correct.
  • Enter the referral code in place of the recommendation code.
  • The B4AZ7J Referral Code for this website.
  • After you’ve accepted the privacy policy, click the register.
  • The homepage will now appear, and you can confirm that your wallet now has 150 Rs added to it.
  • Play the game Crash with your welcome bonus.

So, by following this step you can successfully register yourself into the website.

Yoswin Process to Login

To log into the account by Follow the instruction below:-

  • Step 1: First you have select one “ Browser” from the device
  • Step 2: Then Visit the the official website or click on the link provided to you : https://yoswin.com/userLogin 
  • Step 3: Once you have entered into the website you need to fill your Login Credential : Mobile Number, Password
  • Step 4: After entering the Login credential. Now just simply click on the  “Login” Button.

In this way you can easily Login into the Yoswim account without any problem.

Yoswin Process to Recharge

It has a very simple recharge process that you can complete with the aid of the website and recharge app. To recharge, simply follow the instructions below.

  • You must first enter your account and click the Recharge button below.
  • Select the desired recharge amount and click the Recharge button below.
  • Your payment option will now show up. Selecting a payment option requires you to open it down and click.
  • Your selected payment option will now be visible to you. The payment must be made by selecting Pay, opening the payment details, and copying the UTR number.
  • You then need to launch your app, and after ten to fifteen seconds, you will see the UTR submission option. Your UTR must be pasted and submitted. After submitting, you will receive your recharge in ten to fifteen minutes.

Yoswin App Process to Withdraw Cash

To withdraw cash from your bank, follow the instructions below. 

  • Select the “My” option.
  • To withdraw, click the withdrawal option.
  • Add your bank card to make cash withdrawals from the bank.
  • Input your email address, name, bank, account number, UPI ID, and IFSC code.
  • A minimum of Rs. 200 or more can be withdrawn.
  • The money that was withheld will be reimbursed in a day.

In Conclusion

Yoswin app that allows users to play various games and earn money. Customer feedback, however, casts doubt on its veracity since it appears to participate in dishonest practices. The minimum investment required by the scheme is 50 rupees, and consumers have difficulty while attempting to withdraw and replenish their amount. Due to its likely fraudulent nature, caution is advised.


Q1. What issues do users encounter when using the app?

Gamers gripe about botched game designs, unsuccessful withdrawal efforts, and problems with the recharge procedure.

Q2. Is the website Yoswin safe?

Yes the website is safe and secure and it can be used by the user in all their ways.

Q3. How much money is there in this App for you to spend?

To use the app’s earning and gambling functions, users must deposit a maximum of 1000 rupees.

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