The Many Benefits Of Plant Based Medicine For All Here In Australia.

Plant Based Medicine

Plant-based medicines have been around for many hundreds if not thousands of years and we have been using them to treat various health issues. There have been studies carried out that point to the fact that sometimes plant-based medicines can be as good as if not better than medications that you buy over the counter at your local chemist. Another selling point is that there are lesser side effects and so if a particular over-the-counter medicine is making you feel worse, it might be the logical thing to turn to medicines that come from plants.

The other selling point is that they are a lot more affordable than many think and if you were to go into your local Essence Dispensary, plant based medicine, you would find that they have a lot that can treat many different ailments. If you’re looking for some kind of alternative to OTC then the following are just some surprising health benefits that you can enjoy.

  • Relief from chronic pain – Many people in Australia find that they take over-the-counter medication for chronic pain, it tends to come with a number of different side effects. This is why many are turning to plant-based medicine because it offers an excellent alternative and it has proven itself to be safe and sometimes more effective. These types of medicines have been used for many hundreds of years and so if you are experiencing pains with your joints, nerve pain and anything else then turn to your local dispensary.
  • Reduction of inflammation – There are many natural plants out there like ginger, rosemary and turmeric that provide protection against information then many countries like India and China have been using them for many hundreds of years. If you’re feeling somewhat nauseous, if you experience motion sickness when you travel or you have any issues with your gut then ginger is an excellent medicine to fix this. Rosemary is an excellent antioxidant and provides a number of health benefits.
  • Cancer protection – Scientists are now learning a lot more about plant-based medicines and even the chemotherapy that is used to fight cancer has some elements of plants inside. It is known that certain plants and the medicines that we can extract from them can help to actually kill cancer cells and also to stop their growth. By taking plant-based medication, you can further improve your overall immune system and as we all know, the healthier that you are the more able that you are able to fight things like cancer.

There is a lot to learn about plant-based medicine and we don’t yet know everything about the many health benefits that are offered to us. If you have grown tired of feeling sick all the time when you buy over-the-counter medication then maybe now is the time to look to something else that is more natural and is kinder to your body. It doesn’t hurt to try something new every day.